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If the things I find interesting persuade you to feel a kind of way, Its not my responsibility to be held accountable for your actions and feelings. Mostly pictures but some personal writings about whatever. Follow if you like it.

Ecstasy (molly) ISN’T the sex drug at all! Trust me, its LSD (LSA)! Why do you think the flower child, psychedelic, free love, commune, hippies in the 60’s-70’s were all about acid…

— 1 month ago


I lost a pound?!?


dinner:  KFC thigh, 1.4 cp rice, 1/4 cp mashed potatoes 2 tbsp gravy, 1/4 cp coleslaw

At 10:30 cup cookie and milk  and something else. Went from 134.5-134.0. 

Yesterday 2 slices raisin toast with butter

toffee bar from Nature valley

another bar of something

2 cps or so spaghetti and 1.5 cp spag sauce. Then got 2.3 spag and no more sauce

At 12, I ate about 10 cookies and 

— 5 months ago

I’m fat and I know it. I’m not fat and I don’t believe them. My thinspo are so thin and I can only aspire.  I’m probably thinner than the thinspo I look at but I don’t believe it. 

In a fat America, I am not American fat. I am ME fat and thats all that really matters. 

— 5 months ago



if a 99 pound person eats 1 pound of nachos that person is 1% nacho

i will never look at this world in the same way

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I tell M I feel fat and he tells me I’m not. Of course that’s what he’s going to say. I know I’m not real person fat but I’m fat for myself. I look at the pictures of girls I like with the amazingly beautiful ribs and wish I had them. But I do. And a thigh gap and collar bones and hip bones… But I still think I’m fat. In a normal persons eyes most of the women I look at are bigger than me. I just don’t see it. Until the number says it, then I will believe it.

— 5 months ago

I have gained +3 lbs. Its noticeable on the scale and my clothes. I know I’m fat. I know I will never be the number I need to be. But I’m OK with where I’m at.

— 5 months ago

Technically my weight is within 1-3 lbs of an ok weight but I swear its so much bigger. It may be bc I eat and my stomach isnt concave like I want it to be. Maybe I don’t see my hip bones jut out as much as they usually do. I can see ribs but it looks like its supposed to be when I hold my breathe. 

I still fit in the same clothes, maybe a tiny bit bigger but I feel huge. For real, in real life regardless of how I see myself, I know I’m thin. I know I’m not fat. I know women turn their men around so they don’t look at me. I know all this. I love to show my stomach and wear tight fitting clothes that shows my thin figure. I will do that when I FEEL pretty. Most of the time, I have clothes I only wear when I am feeling thin. I try them on every so often and they fit of course, and it surprises me bc I thought I would be way fatter.

— 7 months ago

I like trying to remember what I ate that day. Because I didn’t. 

— 7 months ago

One of my friends has some kind of odor from her ‘gina and doesn’t know what its from. So she told me she’s gonna put garlic in there to fix it. She totally set me up for these though::

Her: I read you immediately taste garlic when you put it in. 

Me: So were always tasting cum? 

Her: NO! I said Garlic.

Her: I tied it with thread and put it in. But Damn, I taste and smell like garlic already. 

Me: It really taste like raw garlic?

Her: It kinda taste like garlic but I love garlic.

Me: Eat some chips and salsa and your set.

Her: This will fix it for sure. And if it’s going towards a yeast infection..this will cure it in one night. 

Me: Turn the oven on, lets bake bread.

Her: I could totally live off the grid..Make my own shampoo and conditioner…who needs a doctor

Me: Not me! I would be all stinky…like garlic. HAHAHahaha!

— 7 months ago